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“Eagle’s rebirth”-seeking reform, self-challenge, working with the company to improve core competitiveness, to accept the market test, and achieve greater success!

In order to implement the overall deployment of the company’s reform system and in accordance with the company’s work arrangements, on the morning of March 2, 2021, the company held the “Long Time Management Reform Initiation Conference” on the second floor of the office. The company’s chairman Mr. Chen Jincai and vice president Wang Xiaoli Ms. Tang Xiangyang, Vice President of Production, Mr. Wang Ming, the founder of Chengdu Mindao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Jing, the leader of the Mindao project team, and Mr. He Zongkun, the consultant coach of the Mindao project team, attended the meeting, and the company’s team leader and above management A total of 37 people attended this meeting, which was presided over by Wang Chao, manager of the purchasing department.

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First of all, Mr. Liu, the leader of the Mindao project, made a speech: Mr. Liu explained the true meaning and direction of the company’s change over time from four aspects:

1. Why change: The factory can continue to operate and obtain better development space, and employees can maximize their self-worth on the basis of this platform.

2. What is change: change in concept, behavior, and management. Enterprise operations can be standardized, process-oriented, and systematic.

3. How to change: Use Mindao’s 7-step method to implement the change to the end.

4. Misunderstandings of change: through the introduction of 5 misunderstandings, in order to let the company get the most effective improvement on the correct path of change over time!

Teacher Wang Ming from Mindao Company made a speech: If a country or a company or even an individual wants to be strong and want to continue to develop forward, there is only continuous progress to move forward. If it is stagnant, it will be determined by history, society and the market if it stays in place. Eliminate! Happiness is always reserved for children or some people! If you want to be a strong, a successful person, you must make hard work!

Through the film and television series “The Great Qin Empire-The Shang Yang Reform”, Mr. Wang Ming told us the importance of the company’s transformation over time.

The Shangyang Reform was one of the most successful reforms in ancient China. He was not abolished because of Shang Yang’s death, but continued. From a small point of view, the Shangyang Reform made the Qin country stronger and had the unity of the six countries. Capital, the power of Qin is inseparable from the support of Shangyang Reform. From a general perspective, Qin’s Shangyang Reform has provided great help for the reforms of later generations.

The company’s transformation is to make the company stronger, and there is more room for development in the instant glue market! Thousands of lanterns are nothing like the ray of sunshine, and when the daybreaks, all the haze will surely be swept away. Only by advancing courageously on the road of change can we have a better tomorrow!

Mr. Chen’s speech pointed out the direction of the change and at the same time strengthened the determination to change. It is often difficult to do the right thing because it may change the expectations of the vested, so firm determination is required. Over time, the company’s transformation is actually a win-win logic between the company and its employees. If employees cannot understand it, it means that there is a problem with their understanding angle and height. It will not be of great help to the company’s development. High hopes cannot be placed on it, and future contributions cannot be made. limited. So what we have to do is to overcome all obstacles on the basis of the correct underlying logic, and move forward, under the advanced mechanism, someone will definitely follow! Tomorrow you will definitely thank you today, thank you for following the company over time and participating in this change! Grow and progress together with the company over time! work together! Happy together!

Finally, under the leadership of Mr. Chen! All the participants jointly read and signed the “Letter of Commitment for the Company’s Transformation”. With the loud and majestic oath, the company’s reform officially kicked off.